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German Visa Intervi...

German Visa Interview Experiences  



Could someone share German Visa Interview Experiences from India?

3 Answers
VISA Interview Experience, German Consulate, Kolkata, 3rd July 2019
Slot: 09:15
University: TUM
Course-Masters in Management (MIM) –No tuition fees only semester contribution.
Skipping the intro part of entering the main gate of Consulate, keeping the belongings n all ( Will provide the required links at the end!)
Straight to the interview part.
I was told to converse using the telephone given. Out of 3 counters only 1 was open and very few candidates were waiting (1-2).This is benefit of morning slot! (Tips at the end).It was a male officer.He was very calm and composed and asked only the things that was relevant to the documents provided by you and nothing extra (Lyk why only Germany and not other countries,Why this course only n all).
Questions asked:
Name of univ?
Which course?
Duration of course?
Conditional or unconditional?
Btech univ?
X,XII school?
Last date for enrolment of the course?
When did you graduate? (I had 1 year gap after graduation.I told from July,18-December,18 I prepared for Govt exams and from Feb,19 onwards started preparations for Germany,gave IELTS n all.He agreed! No affidavit nothing asked!)
Just the basic questions to start with.Then told to pass the DD,Passport,DD form and 3 photos.
Then asked for the documents.(I gave notarized ones as I had extra! Even simple photocopies will do).Gave the fingerprints.Thats all.This all took only 25 mins.He told to wait for 4-5 weeks for visa approval mail.
· Book morning slot (9/9:15 or anything around it).Least rush.Interviewer would be fresh.Submit correct docs and u r good to go.No extra questions.No cross questioning.
· DD: Make sure you have the correct name printed on it with no gaps in the words + no missing words/letters and try to ask the bank to fit the entire name in 1 line if possible.(I did with IOB bank.They did in 1 line).Reason being DD is the first thing they ask u along with passport n all.If u do mistake in it then they get agitated badly! And then everything gets worse! Try to avoid SBI (They frequently make errors told by many ppl !Even a guy came today for visa stamping he told the same!)
· Keep all the docs acc to the CHECKLIST! Very imp! VISA application form, declaration form, Additional contact and legal representation information,Passport photocopy, VISA cover Letter, Admit Letter, IELTS certificate, All marksheets +transcripts in chronological order, blocked account confirmation page, Letter of Sponsorship, Bank Statements of last 3 months (Balance should be atleast Semester contribution per sem* No.of semesters), ITR forms of last 3 financial year, Health+Travel Insurance and at the last mail from Studentenwerk that I applied in dorms (Not mandatory though).
· Many a times I heard u need to go to a “particular studio” for getting photographs for the visa! They charge pretty high too (Rs.150 for 4 photos or 8 photos!).Not needed at all! Go to a normal studio tell I need photos for German visa.They know it pretty well n doing since long.If necessary show the pdf showing the photo specifications! I did in the same way.Got 8 photos for Rs.40 only😛
I am attaching the sample of the docs in the comments section which generally ppl confuse in!
Links for other Kolkata VI experiences! (Tbh I just read these posts once earlier and once yesterday! Got the overall idea of how it goes in Kolkata consulate.It went the same way today!

Visa interview experience New Delhi Embassy.
This interview is helpful for them , those who did not appear for IELTS OR LOW IELTS SCORE.
Time slot 8.15 AM
Universty-Frankfurt university of applied sciences
course-High Integrity System
I reached out to Embassy by 7.30 am . but we were allowed to enter into embassy After 8.
There were few students who were wanting to have student visa . Almost 3 students were ahead of me . My turn came at 10.15 am.
Vo called me and told me to gave the one set of documents . I gave her the document .The she started asking the questions .
Vo asked me questions like why this university , why germany , why this course ,
I have not given the IELTS exam, she asked me why don't u give the IELTS Exam ..I told her that my university does not required the english score even though i showed letter from university that my previous education were in english . she was satisfied with this
Further she ask me about who is sponsoring ? my % ages in 10th to masters and also asked me about kotak bank blocked amount .
she asked me about accommodation .
Ps: she did not ask me about second year funding , Not even seen the original documents .
They are asking the sponsorship letter those who were having the paid courses .
I saw a guy whose course was 10% in German. Vo asked her introduction in german even though she did not even ask german proof from me and neither i gave the certificate .
Guys this is very easy interview . just have proper documentation and reason for everything . you will be fine with it .!!

Name: Vendant
My German Visa experience – Mumbai Consulate, 15th June 2017
University: University of Applied science stuttgart (HFT Stuttgart)
Course: Master's International Project Management (Infrastructure, Building, Real Estate)
For booking my appointment I mailed them on their helpline email id as the website gives us option of doing it by calling them or by mail. I got a automated reply from them that we will reply to me within two working days. So i waited patiently for two days but didn't got any. finally on third day i called them asking my status. there was a foolish lady on other side who said i need to mail them to book a appointment. I explained her that i had already mailed vfs and blasted her for not replying back. after which she checked and said we will reply to you immediately. They told me all the slots are booked.after trying and starving for getting interview dates, calling them on regular basis for like 50-60 calls per day. I requested them daily on mails begged them that I had already paid fees for my studies and my classes are starting from Aug end. kindly please allot me an interview slot. Vfs being a global company i didn't expected such a thing from them. Hopefully one slot got cancelled on 15th June. I got mail informing me that my appointment is booked for 15th june They allotted me a date without even asking me ! I was very furious as I wanted a date in first or second week of june keeping in mind visa takes more than one month. but with no option i started preparing for my VI.
Next procedure is common hence I would quote others:
I reached the consulate around 8 am as my interview was at 9.00 am.i reached embassy there was already a queue at the gate. They were checking the DD and the appointment letter at the gate and were letting people in one by one. Parents/Relatives were not allowed inside. We were also told to switch off the mobiles and keep it inside the bag. The bag has to be kept in the corner once you are in and you have to only carry your documents with you thereafter.

I was then provided with the checklist to arrange the documents. There were checklists for all Visa types. We are only supposed to make the sets with the documents mentioned in the checklist. Carry all the other documents (like work experience documents, accommodation proof, etc.) and present them only when asked. You are also required to write your name (in block letters), phone number and passport number on the back of the DD. They also provide glue and to paste the photographs on the application forms along with paper clips which you can also use.

Following documents were mentioned in the checklist in the same order: *as on 15th june 2017*
1. DD
2. DD form (you can also get from embassy, they provide one if you have not get one with u)
1. Application Form
2. Declaration
3. Covering Letter
4. Admission Letter
5.University/diploma/12th along with your mark sheets in descending order(8th sem to 1st sem) *including backlog mark sheets*
6. Blocked account statement( not older than 3 months) 
7. Proof of Financial means(only in cases where university tuition fees are applicable)
8. Proof of Language Proficiency(TOFEL/IELTS- not older than 2 yrs)
9. Goethe-zertificate(not older than 1 year) 
10. Copy of passport
Keep all the other documents (e.g.: sponsorship letter , affidavits, Bank Statement etc) ready until they are being asked for!
You need to make 2 identical sets of above mentioned documents. Once you are done arranging your documents you will be called one by one and your documents will be verified at a counter. You need to carry the two sets of documents arranged in above order, DD, 2 copies of DD form, passport and a photograph. The guy at the counter will check all the documents, staple them, return unnecessary documents and provide you the token number for your interview.
ME: Good afternoon.
VO: Please Drop both the sets, DD, DD forms and Passport in the tray.
ME: (Dropped)
VO: Which Visa?
Me: Student Visa.
VO: Which university and which course?
Me: HFT stuttgart. Masters in International Project Management
VO: Why this course ?
ME: told a breif about the course and how it will be helpful
Then she started looking at my documents.
Vo: When does your sem starts?
Me: 4th sept, but my coordinator have told me to reach by 1st Sept.
VO: Is there tuition fee?
Me: Yes 7500 Euros for the whole course
VO: Have you paid it?
Me: Yes, I have paid the first installment of the first semester for 1438 euros.
VO: Show me where is the receipt.
ME: I showed my confirmation receipt from University as well as the payment confirmation from bank.
VO: Who is sponsoring your studies?
ME: Mother
ME: I have attached the affidavit of sponsership, IT returns, Bank Statements
VO: so where did you passed from?
ME: Btech in civil engineering from NMIMS, Mumbai
VO: oh wow so you are from NMIMS that's good.
ME: also I did my diploma from GTU
> now starts thrill.
VO: how many backlogs you had?
VO: is your course is in English
ME: yes mam my course is totally in English
VO: how many backlogs did you had.
ME: *i was blank for a moment as in nervousness i had forgotten to count how many backs I had. Unfortunately she was also not able to go through my marksheet.I told so and so is marks and # are my rexams and i counted approximatly I had 7 backlogs .
VO: you have 4 backlogs. I was surprised and then I changed the the topic and told her I was not good at technical subject and I have got A grades in managment subjects.and my masters course is so related.
VO: have to created your block account
ME: yes mam, from Kotak bank 8750 €.
VO: ok place you fingers for scanning,
Me : done
VO: did you did all your admission procedure by your own or did you appointed any counselor or any agency
ME: no mam I did everything by my own.
VO: Please drop your original docs
Me: done
VO: Please fill the questionnaire , so you can take a seat and write it.
I sat there and started writing it, in meantime she called another applicant and started attending them. After some time i finished. After that, she stamped a D seal on my Passport and gave me receipt along with the passport and told me that it will take 8-12 weeks for visa processing and that i will be notified via mail to my email-id.Please don't call and inquire about status as VFS mumbai can't track application. I was out by 1.30 PM.
I had also attached my financial proof docs but she didn't attached it to my application. I had even attached my internship work experience of 2 yrs but she returned me back that too. She returned my Mother's bank statement and IT returns. Even she only took the fees structure letter from my admission letter ,other all documents she return me back.

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