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German Grade Calculator  

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Wanted to know German grade scale equivalent for your academic score? Tired of seeing huge formulas  on other websites to get it converted? Well, here's our very own German Grade Calculator. Simple and ease to use. Don't forget to share it with your friends. Let everyone else benefit from this free tool. Highest obtainable Grade(Ex : 100% or 10 CGPA) : Grade in Bachelors/Master (Your Percentage or CGPA) : Minimum…

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I'm currently in my 3rd year of BTech Mechanical Studies with 2.29 german grade equivalent with 1-2 month industry internships and few projects, do I need a formal work experience to apply for Masters in Systems Engineering or Mechatronics, does work experience increase your chances of getting selected?

Having relevant work experience(WE) is recommended but not mandatory. From our experience, if you're overall academic score is good, not-having WE shouldn't be a blocker. However, if you're fellow applicant has better profile with WE then he stands a better chance than you.

Our suggestion for you is to have relevant work experience if you can. Meanwhile keep applying for universities. If you happen to get an admit, you can always leave the job.

Note: Applications for mechanical courses are quite competitive in Germany


i actually wanted to complete my mbbs bchelors from the Hiedelberg university.........
can u pls tell me the grade according to the german.......to achieve a seat in that university.........

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@kasim vali

Hi Kasim, you will need GPA < 2 and sound knowledge in German(c1)


hi sir, i am nirav malaviya. i have completed my B.C.A in april 2019. i got 8.9 out 10 cgpa. In german grade 1.51 and i got 5.5 in ielts exam.can i apply in german public universities ? please guide me.
i want to apply in master computer science or information technology

Hi Nirav

Yes, you can definitely apply for MS courses from public universities in Germany after a BCA degree from India or elsewhere. Send us your profile or use our forums so that we can help you out.


Hi sir,
I am shyam, complete my B. Tech in mechanical from Symbiosis international university with 2.8/4.00 cgpa. Also I have Master degree in Industrial Automation with 9.00/10 cgpa. I do have 2 years experience in industrial automation and control. Ielts- 6.5 and German language- A2. B1 is pursuing. Preferd course is mechatronic and robotic or Automation and control. How is the chance for getting admit?

Hi Shyam

Our team will get in touch with you

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