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Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Germany  

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MBA is most sought after professional degree worldwide, giving youngsters a chance to make a promising and lucrative career. Every year the number of students applying for MBA is increasing globally. Quality management in education is a new trend being followed by universities in the world. MBA aspirants do not hesitate to take admission in…

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I have only 55% in bcom can i apply for mba in Germany?

yes. if you have relevant work experience and a good sop.


i have only 44% in bcom can i apply for MBA in Germany? with Supply Chain Specialization. i have total 9 years of work experience in this field with pretty good mnc's on cv, also have an a2 german language certificate... i checked with someone doing this same job like you, but she totally denied this possibility of having my education with such low score..

It is possible if you apply to private universities. But yes, it's too expensive and not worth the money. With 9 years, work experience, I suggest you look for relevant job positions in Germany


I am doing b.tech in biotechnology, can I apply for MBA without work experience?

It's recommended to gain valuable work experience(WE) before deciding to pursue an MBA. Also, most universities prefer candidates with WE.
This doesn't mean you cannot apply, you certainly can give it a try. It totally depends on your complete profile, SOP, and luck.

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