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Why living in Germa...
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Why living in Germany is hard  


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May 20, 2019 12:25 pm  

First and foremost: The weather. Arrgh! You will have to have a jacket most times of the year, and the rains!

Rest of the reasons:

  1. Everything is shut down on Sundays except for few restaurants.
  2. Not much of night life in most of the places.
  3. Language: Most of the places need German skills to socialize (Personally I have learnt some German to survive and socialize)
  4. Paper work and bureaucracy: Too much of paper work and no one in this country gets to cut through red tape. (But bureaucracy is the engine of German efficiency, which helps keep running the country and keep people out of trouble)
  5. Germans tending to be blunt: (My personal experience tells that their bluntness has helped me improve myself professionally, in some circumstances.)
  6. Huge Taxes (needs no explanation)
  7. Appointments: You need an appointment for everything(doctors, meeting friends, bureaucracy, getting your household stuffs fixed like internet, etc.)
  8. Not an easy job to find a home here. The landlords usually chooses who gets to be their tenants.

Despite, I love living in Germany for various other reasons which I wouldn’t mention here for obvious reasons.


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