Study in the USA

Looking for a place to study? If so, a US university could be a sound choice. Sound academic training and the international atmosphere will make your student days in the USA unforgettable.

How do I land my dream job post graduation?

Oct 16,17

November is around the corner and soon all college campuses will be humming with companies coming for first round of placement interviews. Majority of the students graduating in 2018 will be sharpening their resumes, researching about the companies, signing up for interviews and hoping they soon become those lucky ones who have a confirmed offer from their dream company for an awesome job. All looks easy and simple….wish it was …

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PostGrad is brutal. What is the most useful life hack in studying?

Oct 11,17

German college is brutal. Here’s how it works: You show up the first day, then the professor dumps 800 slides and a ton of materials on you. After that, class attendance isn’t mandatory, so naturally, you don’t go. At the end of the semester, you have to take one big ass exam that makes up 100% of your grade. *last night pre-exam cramming deluxe here we go* If you’re like …

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Careers for Women in Technology Companies Are a Global Challenge

Oct 10,17

An interesting article from the New York Times about the challenges that women face working in the technology sector.  We here at Stoodnt take this issue very seriously and have top notch counselors who can help you.  Let us know if you need help. European women working in the technology field are very familiar with the concerns expressed by their counterparts in the United States — too few girls and young women studying …

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What are Admissions Officers Looking for in College Essays?

Oct 6,17

One of the most difficult aspects for international students in the US admissions process is writing a great essay.  Wouldn’t it be great to see what a great essay is and what admissions officers thought of it.  There is a great free online resourcce from Johns Hopkins University’s Essays that Worked, which not only shows successful essays, but also includes feedback from the admissions officers explaining why it was so successful from the Class …

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Careers in Renewable Energy: Job Opportunities, Fields of Study, and Top Universities

Oct 6,17

Renewable energy field has great potential for jobs of the future. Besides, renewable energy is also critical for the safety of our planet. The existence of Cyborgs, Time Machine and Extinction of Humans by Machines are debatable. But, Climate Change is Real. So, we do need personnel with the expertise in energy and climate change. So, what exactly is renewable energy? Why is renewable energy a good field to get into? …

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Top 5 Universities in the world with the best educational policies for International students

Oct 6,17

From best universities for engineering to the best for research, we have compiled the list of such top 5 universities which are a front-runner in the world of education. If you really want to be among the best of the best, these are the 5 universities you should attend:   1. MIT – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has always been a front-runner when it comes to engineering. With an …

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Scholarships and Aid for International Students Applying for Undergraduate Programs

Sep 28,17

As most of us know, financial aid and scholarships are limited for International students applying to the U.S. universities. There are still a number of universities that try to provide some aid or assistance package to strong profile International students, with majority of them being private universities and colleges. Here is a list of universities that are more generous when it comes to awarding financial aid to International students. Most …

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Top 5 Ways to Limit Homesickness While Abroad

Sep 27,17

Let’s not beat around the bush – sooner or later homesickness may affect everyone while abroad. Students may sometimes wish they were back home, wish they could eat at their favorite restaurant or wish they could go out with their friends and family. Homesickness is usually caused by unfamiliarity with new surroundings. Everything is so new and different in your study abroad location, and sometimes you just don’t know what …

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International Universities which are low on pocket and high on education!

Sep 25,17

Planning to study abroad and looking for the cheapest universities with quality education? Well, then we have conducted a research and listed below, the list of universities which are low on your pocket and high on delivering quality education – 1. Germany has been growing exponentially in popularity amongst international students. German universities like the Humbolt university of berlin, Technical University Munich and the Freie University provide undergraduate and Ph. D. level …

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How Study Abroad Experience Shaped Up My Career Development and Progression

Sep 22,17

You might have come across several articles on Why Study Abroad, Benefits of Studying Abroad or How Study Abroad Will Help Your Career. Here is my own story on How Study Abroad Experience Shaped Up My Career Development and Progression. If you are a study abroad aspirant, or thinking if study abroad is worth or not, I hope you will find this post useful. Below are top 10 ways in which my study abroad …

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Education Loans for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Sep 21,17

As the trend of studying abroad is getting more and more popular among the Indian students, the financing part remains a major concern among the students and parents. In this post, I am going to discuss the leading loan providers in India for higher education abroad. Besides, get to know some of the important facts about the education loans for Indian students to study abroad. The number of Indian students opting …

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Essential Tips For Indians To Get MBA Admission In USA

Sep 20,17

t’s a well known fact that education plays a key role in everybody’s life. Your path to success depends upon the education you have received and further wish to get. The thought of studying for your postgraduate degree in USA might have crossed your mind every once in awhile and there are certain ways that can make your dream of studing in one of Top 10 MBA Colleges come true. USA is …

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Hacks & Recipe for Getting Admitted to Ivy League & Elite Colleges

Sep 19,17

Many high school students (and parents) dream of getting into a top college for the undergraduate program. Among those, the number of families aiming the Ivy League Schools and other Elite Colleges is also very high. But, the competition for getting into those top-tier universities is fierce. The acceptance rates for the top US schools fall between 5 – 20%. In the initial screening, the admission committee spends roughly 2 …

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CSU Fullerton: University Review

Sep 15,17

CSU Fullerton – Introduction: California State University, Fullerton (known as CSUF, Cal State Fullerton, CSU Fullerton) is a public research university located in Fullerton, CA. Location of CSU Fullerton: Campus is nearer to Irvine,  Santa monika, LA those are the hub of computer science in southern california so there are plenty of opportunities for summer internship. I got the internship but not everyone gets. But what I experienced is if you try hard you …

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Texas A&M University (TAMU) – University Review

Sep 13,17

TAMU Review – We have always known that TAMU is a kind of University that has the potential to beat IVY leagues at any days, yet few people never have it as their first choice despite awesome profiles. This University review sheds some light into the little-known facilities of this amazing University, and why it should be right there along with the IVY league top choices! What if I told …

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Why do Indians prefer a MS in the U.S. than a MS in Germany?

Sep 12,17

The trend of Indians preferring U.S to Germany is definitely changing now, albeit slowly. To answer some of your questions: 1. Do companies prefer US candidates than Germans? NO. Ultimately, you are going to be an Indian student on a temporary visa, irrespective of whether it is Germany or the U.S. However, companies in US would prefer students from US universities while companies in Germany prefer students from Germany or the EU (which is quite natural due to …

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F1 Visa Documents checklist

Sep 11,17

F1 Visa Documents  Here’s the list of documents and other necessary things you need to carry while applying for F1 Visa Interview. After you book your Visa slot at any consulate, and pay your SEVIS Fees and VISA Fees and when you go for F1 Visa Interview you need to carry the following things : GRE / GMAT Original Score Sheet TOEFL / IELTS Original Score Sheet I-20 Original Form which you received from the University …

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F1 Visa Financial Documents – Summary and Supporting Documents

Sep 11,17

A lot of students preparing for their F1 visa interviews on their own, just seem to panic at the last moments of their application, when it’s actually the last formality to be taken care off before you fly to your dream university. Note: Before you read this, please note that Online blogs and forums are just meant to give you general awareness and should be taken just for information purposes. …

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Beginners Guide to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), NLP, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain

Sep 8,17

The new technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Deep Learning, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big data and Predictive analytics are having a massive impact in India. While plenty of jobs are being created in these fields, these new technologies are also taking away the traditional and boring human jobs. So, it’s quite important for the new generation to understand the new technologies, terms, and be aware of the required …

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Most Generous Scholarships for International Students to Study in the USA, UK & Europe

Sep 7,17

Quite often we receive queries regarding study abroad scholarships – how to find them, how to get them or if scholarships are available. There are billions and billions of dollars of financial aid available for students pursuing their study abroad dreams. The funding varies drastically based on your degree of choice and program of choice. Besides, the scholarships opportunities for international students are getting highly competitive each year because of increasing pool …

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Is USA still a Good Study Abroad Destination for the Indian & International Students?

Sep 6,17

Of late, there has been tremendous hullabulla with Trump Presidency, safety issues of Indian and International Students studying in the US, job uncertainties in the US. So, I would take this opportunity to give you some insights so that you can take a better-informed decision. The US President Donald Trump has introduced (or proposed) quite a few vital changes in the immigration laws. However, the international students are least likely …

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MS in Computer Science in USA: Top Universities, Hottest Specializations and Application Tips for International Students

Sep 5,17

The USA has been the evergreen and most popular study abroad destination for Indian and international students. According to the data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 64% Indian students (who go abroad for higher studies) go to the US for graduate studies (MS and Ph.D.); whereas, only 12% go to the US for undergraduate studies. The reasons are very straightforward – presence of world-class and top …

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Political Climate Change causes drop in applications from International Students

Sep 4,17

Political climate might keep International Applicants away. Nearly 40 percent of U.S. colleges are seeing declines in applications from international students, and international student recruitment professionals report “a great deal of concern” from students and their families about visas and perceptions of a less welcoming climate in the U.S., according to a survey conducted in February by multiple higher education groups. More than 250 American colleges and universities responded to the survey, …

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US Visa Interview Experience as an Indian Student !

Jul 19,17

The US Visa Interview Experience can be intimidating one. To make it less intimidating, one can read more and more experiences related to actually visa interviews. US Visa Interview Experience as an Indian Student One of the visa interview like this is shared in the video below. This experience has been shared by an Indian student who is joining Purdue University in Fall 2017.The student has been admitted to the …

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How to Convert CGPA to GPA – Study in the USA

Jun 6,17

How to Convert CGPA to GPA – Study in the USA. CGPA is the education evaluation system used by some Indian education institutions. Students in CGPA system may need to enter their GPA in the US University Application. You can use this CGPA to GPA converter to calculate your GPA based on your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). CGPA to GPA Conversion Table CGPA GPA > 8.5 4 8.0 – …

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