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Study UG MBBS in Germany

Jan 11,19

Do you have it in you to pursue a career in healthcare? Do you have the aptitude and interest to study medicine? Should you study MBBS?  The answer to the above questions might be yes for those who have made medicine their first career choice or chosen it as a backup degree option. No matter what the reason is, one cannot put a blind eye to the fact that, MBBS …

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Medical school and Assessment Process to become a medical doctor in Germany

May 23,18

Students that get admitted into a German medical university, the trainings include theoretical pre-clinical studies and practical application – separated into basic science (2 years known as “Vorklinik” – including courses in chemistry, physics, anatomy, biology, biochemistry, physiology, medical psychology, medical terminology, introduction into clinical medicine and sociology), clinical science (3 years known as “Klinik” – or practical training such as the first aid training, the elective course, as well …

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Top 10 German Universities to study Medicine

Apr 25,18

As a highly desired destination among international students, particularly regarding Human Medicine and other related fields, Germany hosts numerous Universities that provide excellent Medical education. According to CHE University Ranking 2013/14, depending on the qualities students are looking for in the educational domain as academic studies and teaching, research, job market, infrastructure as well as the lifestyle as in location and accommodation, it’s very difficult to differentiate and come up with …

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Affordable countries to pursue MBBS from!

Mar 15,18

Whenever we think of studying abroad in any field, the top countries that come to our mind are US, UK, Australia, Germany etc. It might sound ironical but for pursuing MBBS, these countries aren’t the ideal match for your financial requirements and needs. MBBS is surely an expensive course but yes it is indeed possible to study abroad on a budget too! With maintaining quality and being low on the …

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How to Apply to Study Medicine in Germany

Nov 27,17

Germany is an ideal location for studying medical degree, offering high-quality education at an affordable price. An important fact to note about medical programs in Germany is that training programs are not divided between bachelors and masters – a medical training program takes six years to complete and is conducted entirely in German, so you’ll need a strong knowledge of the language. However, alternative programs in the medical field do …

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US Universities for Low GRE Scores

May 13,17

Having a low GRE score doesnt mean that you wont get admissions in US Universities. There are lot of Universities accepting Low GRE score of around 280 to 290 and even 270. Few of these schools became popular since this Spring and Fall 2014 as my consultancies sending student to these universities. Some of these schools have high tuition fee and low standards of education. Be careful when choosing these …

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Studying MBBS in Germany

Mar 27,17

Acclaimed to be amongst world’s finest medical studies’ centres, Germany provides excellent education for medicine students. The level of education at German Universities is very high and at par with world’s best Medical Education Institutions. In terms of infrastructure & faculty, the German medical colleges can only be compared with AIIMS in India. The entire medical program will cost below 10 Lacs and the standards are at par with US, …

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Information Regarding Medical Courses in Germany

Mar 24,17

During the past years I have been receiving a steady flow of inquiries regarding the options for foreigners to study “MBBS” at German universities. I am setting “MBBS” in quotation marks because Germany, like most countries outside the Commonwealth, does not know an MBBS or bachelor-level medical degree. In the US, for example, you have to complete a bachelor degree first (usually in the natural sciences) before you are eligible …

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Studying MBBS in Germany – Course Information

Mar 22,17

The opportunities which Germany provides to medical students are wide and highly specialized. The standard of the German universities is at par to that of the best universities in the world. The infrastructure of the universities here is excellent and the curriculum is student friendly. The dedicated and experienced staff in the universities is willing to help students with their academic curriculum. You must head for the German universities to …

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Free MBBS, MD & PG in Germany

Mar 22,17

Medicine Program / MBBS / MD in Germany offers a detailed knowledge about various health issues and how to tackle them. The course includes coverage of public health and promoting health, the major determinants of health, health communication and health education, philosophy and ethics of public health, the theory behind the science and methodology, coverage of statistics and epidermiology and qualitative research methods. The various study courses covered under Medical …

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