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MS in US vs. M.tech in India - Which is better

Did you ever think about the difference between Master of Science in USA (MS in US) and Master of Technology? - Why students are investing money on MS in US, though it is costly? - Why MS? and why not M.tech.? Listed are some advantages of MS in US over M.tech in India.


Average salaries of M.tech graduates from various institutes of India ranging from 2.5 to 6.0 lacks per annum. After taxes and living expenses one may save around 2 lacks in a year. Average Salary of MS graduate in USA will range from 60k – 100k. After taxes and living expenses they may save at least 40k/year which is equivalent to 18 lack Indian rupees.
How long will it take to get job?

Most of the Indian companies will give joining dates after 6 months of completion of degree. If you get a permanent job in USA, you might get a joining date with in 2 to 3 months and if you join a consultancy for training it could take total of 5 months to get a job after completion of degree.
Duration of study:

M.tech in India usually takes 2 years for its completion. You have chances of completing MS in US in less than 2 years.

Investment for the M.tech degree might be less than the money you spend for MS in US. But you can recover that money within months after completion of MS.

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