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Awesome Programs for MS in Computer Science in Canada

CSE students who want to apply for masters should apply to these programs, these are the best for you coz it has co-op in it..  THE UNIVERSITY RANKINGS ARE IN ASCENDING ORDER



1.Acadia University,NS   MSc in computer science(co-operative), 60% plus ,


2. Lakehead University, Ontario  , Master of Science in Computer Science(co-operative),60%


3.University of Windsor,ON   ,  MSc in computer science(co-operative), upto 65 %


4.University of new brunswick, NB , Msc in comp. science(co-op), 65%+


5.University of Regina,SK  , MSc in Computer Science(co-operative), 65% +


6. Concordia University,QC  ,  M.A.Sc, information systems security(co-operative) 65%


 7.Memorial University of Newfoundland,NS - MSc in computational science (co-operative)70% +


8.Carleton university, ON -Masters of comp. science- upto 75%


9.University of Ottawa-Master of Information Studies (MIS), masters of comp science-non thesis- 75% +


10.University of Victoria, British Columbia- Masters of comp science (co-operative) 75% +


11.University of Waterloo,ON - Master of mathematics in computer science(co-operative)80% plus and work-ex recommended

What are the advantages of Co-op for students

  • Beneficial combination of theory and practice.
  • A quality degree program that actually pays for itself!

    Co-op program: Earn while you learn

  • Attractive salaries on work terms and high salaries after graduation.
  • Work experiences which enhance personal development.
  • Exposure to a variety of technologies.
  • Opportunities to improve communication skills (writing, speaking, ... , interviewing).
  • Improved work habits which are reflected in higher grades.
  • Opportunity to travel.
  • Excellent employment prospects upon graduation for both females and males.



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