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VI experience at the Mumbai Consulate

I got ready with all my documents, 2 sets of each . Reached the Consulate at 9.00 am after travelling for 12 hours from Goa. It was triing already , while i expected that the consulate will have some waiting area for the students travelling from far , I was suprised that there was none . I had some extra clothes with me which I thought , I would change before I go for the VI , but suprisingly there was no Washroom too!! . At last used the securty guards washroom and changed and got freshed for the interview .


But when I went to the gate of the consulate I was stopped and told to go back and come back only at the time of my appointment. You are not allowed even to stand in front of the consulate gate ( So please plan your journey properly , and reach just on time for the VI , not to early , and not late also) .


So it was 12.30 and I reached the gate , but this time I saw a long Q waiting outside the gate , one by one every1 was allowed to enter in and I was standing 2nd Last in the " Q " and when my turn came to get in , the security said in a loud voice " Arey yaar tu tho subah 9 baje aya tha , aur line me sab se last " , he literally anounced all over about this! ( Embarrasing :( ) .


I entered the gate, underwent the security check , deposited my bag at the entrance and moved on to take my seat, I was apporached by one guy , who gave me a piece of paper with the details of the documents needed , I was asked to arrange the documents according to the given list in two sets each . Then I showed it at the reception and was given a "Token Number" "19" .


I moved on into the waiting rooms now, which gladly had AC :) :) was a sigh relief from the scrotching heat in Mumbai! . One by one the token numbers were announced and each person occupied the different counters 1 , 2 , 3, 4 and 5 , so 5 people at 5 counters infront of 5 VI officers. YOu can actually hear what questions the people are asked , and accordingly you can prepare yourself for the interview. The visa can ask you almost anything , so be prepared , a couple was asked about their place of marriage , the number of people who attended the wedding , and you wont believe, but even the MENU!!! and at last the photo album also . At the next counter there was a student from gujurat and he was a bit weak in English , he almost got all the answers writen on his paper and was litreally reading out each answer a like a Kid loudly , the VI officer was continuously laughing , So guys please remember not to By Heart your answers for VI and give impromptu answers , I mean its good to be prepared for the answers , but please do not by heart.


My turn came at around 3' O clock . Yes very long!! ,


Officer was a beautiful lady in pink : " Gud Afternoon "

Me : Guten Tag , Wie Gehts?

Officer : Gut , your documents please ,


I gave my documents , and did not give her a chance to ask me questions but went to describe each and every document as she was glancing each of 'em . She was impressed and said thanks for all the info .


She handed over all my marksheets back to me and said , I do not want these!! , I was shocked and asked in angst " Why ? they are authentic , is there a problem ?"


Officer smiled and said : Don't worry , they are fine , but ae not required , just give me your convocation/Degree certificate ".


I did not have a xerox copy of it , she kept my file a side and asked me to get a xerox of the same , She informed that there is a xerox machine tight under the building , which I was already aware of :P .


I ran and got the xerox , handed over to her , she gave me a questionare and ask me to answer each question shortly and at the end also write a Motivation letter which should contain the following details :


1) Why Germany ?

2) Why the said university?

3) Why the given course?

4) Sources of expenses ?

5) what after the course is over?

6) Contact details


I worte everything neately ( neately for me , unfortuantely not for the reader , so remember to write your motivation letter neately and not like me :P )

She stappeled all the documents together , stamped on the back side of my passport , the stamp had A B C D written on it of which D was circled , she explained me that it means that I have applied for a long term visa .


She handed me the passport and asked me to wait for around 6-8 weeks for a call from the consulate .


Me: May I leave?

Officer: Yes you may .

Me : Vielen Dank ,

officer : Sorry ? :D

Me : Vielen Dank ,

officer : Oh , Bitte schon ( with a smile ;) )

Me : Tschuss .

Officer : Bye :/


I left to take my bag , but again went back to her ,


Me : Excuse me , " Will the visa really take 6-8 weeks?? :( "

Officer : Well ... :) ....hmmm.... You will get a call when its done .

( The smile said it all , " YOu will get it earlier than that " ) Which I hope it does . :)

Me : Thank you .


That was a nice experience , but not as expected , because of the waiting peroid searching for seats to sit until the time of visa :( . After you enter the gate everything goes smoothly , you just need to have patience and wait for your turn to come with all your documents .


Few tips : Health Insurance is not need when you appear for VI , but you need it while you go for stamping , If you produce it at the time of VI its better , Go for BAJAJ ALLIANZ student travel insurance plan . 1400 for 3 months with 50000$ coverage .


> affidavit of support is not compulsory , but without a Blocked account confirmation they wont let you attend the VI .


> Degree certificate / Convocation Certificate is Compulsory


> proof of accommodation , admission letter , all compulsory.


> Last but not the least , plan your journey wisely and reach on time , not like me at ( 9.00 am :D :D ) or else you have to roam on the roads :P .


Wish me luck , hope my Visa gets stamped soon , and Wish u guys all the best :) :)

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