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My First Week in Germany as a Student

To start off ,,guys begin with packing!..it takes a lot to put ur stuff in the right place.And than u hav ur airline restrictions for baggage also.So start in advance so that u priotise upon necessary things to be taken...!week before ur flight wud be ideal.DO not forget chappals(rubber) to wear it in room and umbrella coz it rains at any time of day !better to carry winter wear from india...say 1-2 jackets rest u can purchase here.Jackets here r pretty thick n would stand the snow!, vegetarians please carry lots of masalas n spices as they really come handy!if u like chapatis ..and if its possible carry wheat flour..coz here u get all purpose flour!and chapatis of that flour r really very sick!also maggi,pasta and ready to eat mixes like dosaz,upma come handy!


Before booking ur flight plz check if there is any kind of national holiday in germany!coz i had booked mine on 3rd october...which was german unity day , so a natinal holiday..and so trains ran less frequently!..i was at frankfurt airport for 6hrs !!

If u get down at terminal 2,Frankfurt catch the skybus (3rd floor) and go to terminal 1.railway station is there under the terminal 1!

Please carry cash along.Coz in some cases cards didnt work!u can insert cash in ticket vending machine to get tickets of train.if u go to counter to get tickets ull b charged 3euros extra!


Select ur starting point and destination point on the vending machine,U will get the available connections.select the one which u find feasible!cost varies from connection to connection!..once u decide upon the available connection confirm it and get the ticket!also u can print "reiseplan" which is basically a leaflet containing details of ur journey like train name,platform number,connection n so on ..also it will have the timings at wat time a train will reach at a particular station.Although the trains have display systems inside them announcing the next station..u can keep a track of the stations by cross checking with time mentioned on ur reiseplan!trains here are punctual!..


Considering the huge bags we students get,,,we get a lot of help here.Germans are really helpful ,honest and puctual ppl.they will help up to watever possbl limit.

Was travelling to a nearby mal by busl!the bus didnt have display sys(of all the buses,this was the only one which didnt have it)..so cudnt keep a track of the stop.Got down a "stop" befor.Realised that i am at the wrong place and asked a german lady for help.(conversed wit hr in english.germans pretty much understand english)when she heard about me ,she literally ran along with me to show me the bus stop..imagine a half km on foot just to help auslanders!!...nvr saw this in india!she was concerned that i dint miss the nxt bus and so the marathon!!!


plz look out for accommodation in advance as it becomes difficult to find wen the colleges r about to start!


Guys....just adding up a few things which i remember now!

While purchasing drinking water,purchase 'still wasser'..watever d brand be...!coz otherwise if u ask for a bottle of water u will get a bottle of carbonated water!!..n i tell u for those who nevr had it ,it tastes like hell...so beware!

as a percautinory measure ,one can take extra water bottles from flight u travelling...slip them in ur bag,so it lasts by d time u reach ur university!

Morover if u a foodie person,,,,please carry lotsa snacks!!coz here its hard to find indian snack items..(atleast in remote areas)...and even if they r available they cost u a bomb!!


Guys in germany u get hot and cold water in taps.Always use cold water for cooking.Hot water contains chemicals ,which are added to it to improve the heating process of water! also wen u shop for grocery n stuff..purchase "ja!" brand products..they are d cheapest of all...!!

If u travelling to some place,purchase return tickets...its cheaper.Also travelling in groups is d cheapest option to travel germany..rather travelling in groups!!

Guys befor coming here plz learn matlab!..its required in almost all fields!

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