Get €40 for a Free of Charge Mastercard Gold

Get €40 for a Free of Charge Mastercard Gold Free of charge Mastercard offered by Advanzia Bank. Mastercard GOLD offers permanently with zero interest a up to 7 weeks (interest-free payment goal). The card can be used worldwide free of charge at 1.7 million ATMs and 35 million acceptance points without any international usage fee. Free travel insurance and free 24 hours customer service 0800 880 1120 are included.

- Available only in EU.
- Not only for new customers, but permanently free of charge
- Cash withdrawals worldwide free of charge
- 0% International usage fees worldwide
- Up to 7 weeks interest-free payment
- Free 24 hour customer service
- 5% travel voucher with best price guarantee
- 5% reimbursement for car hire

Offer Promo Code: KX0ESBXO708D6CDF

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Use the link 'Visit Store' to sign up for free. When asked, provide the promo code mentioned above to become eligible for the offer payout. Also note that the card needs to be used at least once within 30 days of its activation.

We are currently warning against fake e-mails, which are sent out on a fraudulent basis. These e-mails seem to have been sent to you by Advanzia Bank / Recipients are requested to verify their personal or credit card details. These e-mails are for the sole purpose of misusing your data. If you have received such an e-mail, please delete it immediately. This offer is subjected to change without prior notification. Onlinemacha does not guaranty or takes responsibility if the offer was not paid out.

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August 21, 2017