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How to answer for backlogs in Student Visa Interview? Student had 19 backlogs, but a clean answer got him F1 visa

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US Visa interview experience with 19 backlogs

Date: 30 June 2014
Time: 8:30 AM
Consulate: Begumpet, Hyderabad. 
Token number: E167
Window number: 14
GRE: 292
IELTS: 7.0
B.Tech CSE 59.2% 19 backlogs
University of Illinois at Springfield. 
Status: approved
VO: Come forward.
ME: Hello sir, good morning.
VO: Mornin' passport please. 
*I gave him my i20 along with my passport.*
VO: I just need your passport sir, that's all I'm asking for. 
ME: Okay haha.
VO: University of Illinois at Springfield huh?
ME: Yes sir. 
VO: So how many backlogs did you have?
ME: I had 19 backlogs in my UG. 
VO: You failed in so many subjects, if you go to the US, you can't even graduate. You'll drop out and start working in gas stations and come back.
ME: Sir, to be completely open with you---*vo says "please, go ahead. That's what I want"* my academic profile is ugly. And with such a profile as this, I cannot hope to get a good *** despite of the fact that Hyderabad has a good IT industry. And I am also aware of the fact that masters is one level above the UG. So I had taken a few measures to see that I can cope up with the subjects I'm gonna take in my masters. 
VO: what's that?
ME: All the subjects I'm going to take in the university of Illinois at Springfield are based on Java. And I am an Oracle certified professional java programmer. I'm sure I can---
VO: *he interrupts me* Okay, approved.
ME: Thank you sir. It was a pleasure meeting you.
VO: Bye!