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Name:- Sidharth Aggarwal
Qualifications:- 12th in Commerce in 2017
University:- NYIT
COURSE:- BBM(Major in Finance)
Scanning date:- 2 may 2018 at trade centre
Interview date:- 3 rd may 2018 at US EMBASSY MUMBAI at 9:30 am

Hello Guys,
I got visa first time visa approved for fall 2018. No single document checked other than I-20 and Passport.

I reached Mumbai US consulate at 9:00 AM ON 3rd of may. Waited in long Q outside the consulate then allowed to enter inside. After taking fingerprints again had to wait in Q. Then I was directed to stand in front of a counter  where a male of 30-35 years was taking a interview for visitor visa of a family and annoyingly rejected their visa. I was nervous that he is angry and he  is definately going to reject my visa. Then he gestured me to come near counter. Then the interview started..
ME: Good Morning Sir
VO : Pass me your Passport and I-20 please.
ME: (Given)
VO: Where in USA?
VO: In which University?
VO: Which Course?
ME: Bachelor's in business management (Major in finance)
VO: Who is going to sponsor you?
ME: My Parents.
(Then he started typing he constantly typed for maybe 50-60 secs)
(P.S.:- I applied for visa interview 120 days prior to the course start date almost 125 days 125 days before)
VO: You have applied 120 days prior to Your course start date..........(I interupted him)
ME: But sir i contacted one of your ambessy officer and he said it wouldn't be an problem.(P.S.:- I didnt knew about this rule before i applied for interview so i called in ambessy to get guidence)
VO: (Annoyingly) You didnt let me complete my sentence..
ME: (Nervously) I am sorry sir.. really sorry
VO: I am approving your visa. You just need to submit your passport after 8th may to get visa stemped. (He gave me a form along with passport on which he writed to submit passport after 8 may)
ME: (Happily) Thank you so much sir thank you much. You are the bestest person i have ever seen.(then i ran out of the embassy to tell my parents about this great news and all people in the embassy were shocked like i was getting out of the embassy with my passport and i was happy)
(On 10th of may i went back to mumbai to Trade centre BKC for the submission of my passport they asked me the form the interviewer gave me along with photo copy of i20 and passport)
(On 16 th of may i got my passport stemped with 5 years student visa)

Just be confident And make eye contact during the whole interview. If you lie he will catch you by your facial expression.
Try to interact with other applicant during waiting period for relaxation. You dont have to ware special clothes to impress them they will be impressed by the way of your talking.
(At last thanks to everyone especially my family  who had faith in me that sooner or later i am going to achieve my desired objective and supported me in my every decision)

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F1 Visa approved for Spring 2015 for University of Texas, Arlington

Spring 2015 Visa Interview

Here is my Visa Interview Experience.

Token No. : E212
Window No: 16
VO was a beautiful short haired brunette woman in her early 30's and she rejected two people before me. I was a little nervous but I smiled it out nd approached with confidence.
ME: Gud morning ma'am
VO : Goo mornimg (she murmured)
Hand over your passport nd put your left hand fingers over der
*I did so...but she asked to do it again*
VO : sir, your right hand please
*i did it but she asked me to do dat again fr 2 more times..she was animating her hand to show me how to do it*
ME : Sorry Ma'am 
VO : *big sigh* why r u gng to US?
ME : to study MS in Mechanical Engineering
VO : how many universities have you applied? How many admits did you get? Name all the universities.
ME : University of Akron, Cleveland State University,Wayne state nd univ of texas and arlington. I got admits in UTa nd WSU
VO: whats your GRE score?
ME : 296
VO : *gave a wide eyed expression with smile* okey
VO : specialisation?
ME : Machine Design
VO : What courses have you registered for first sem
*I said the related subjects to my course*
VO: Who is going to fund ur fees for graduation?
ME : my father is going to pay the expenses and I took a bank loan for grad fees
VO : whts your father?
ME : Professor in XXXX in XX dept
VO :Congrats..your visa is approved
ME : *with a big smile* Thank you ma'am

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My Student Visa Interview Experience for Masters program in SDSU. I got it on Oct 10th 2014.

Student Visa totally Depends on Luck

Visa interview :
Sorry for uploading my VI after 5 Day's of my Visa Interview.
Date: 10-10-2014
Consolate: Hyderabad
Slot time:9:30

Entered embassy around 9 and they said to sit in a chair where they said they will call one by one but Some thing went wrong inside the consulate as people who have 8:30,10:00,10:30 slot's are also still sitting with me. where there is no protocol at that time they are sending people as their wish. Done with my checkups Token no: E182 and waiting for my interview, But the thing is VO's was late or some thing happen as people who have 8 o clock are also waiting, on that day people who have come for visiting visa was high and met 3 people over there.i think there were around 100 people waiting for interview at that particular time it, after half an hour my token was displayed Counter 11.He is asking so many question 
VO: Gud morning please pass ur passport.
ME: Passed
VO: Which university.
VO: What Project have u done at the time of your final year.
ME: Vice tool ( Didnt expected that question but said what i have done in mini project )
VO: Vice tool is that a project ?? ( Thought Uskak iga intiki poyi bisthar vesukoni padukundham ani )
ME: Sir actually i have done 2 project where i have done one project in XX and done live Project where its automatic gear system. ( MANAGED )
VO: Tell me about ur project.
ME: Said.
VO: Backlogs ?
ME: 10 
VO: Reason ?
ME: said 
VO:Whats ur father?
ME: He is an Govt employee Sir.
VO: where.
Me: Central GOVT sir.
VO: which company.
VO: IS he and army person.
ME: NO sir he works in a small company which supply small small parts.
VO: what Subjects Your Going to take in 1st sem.
ME: i was tensed at that time and got stammered.
VO: Y are u tensed man COOL 
Me: said what am going to study.
VO: what are You going to do after MS
ME: After my Masters planning to come back and see my self in an Good position.
VO: UR VISA IS approved u can collect your passport with in 3 days.
ME: Thank you sir. once again thank you sir.

See guys dnt expect Your questions. and people say that be Confident at the time interview but no problem how u are they can understand but say what u know and what have u done. Actually VISA totally Depend on your LUCK. thats it.
thanks for the group.

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Visa Interview for Electrical Engineering at Bradly University

Consulate : Hyderabad,
Time Slot : 08.00 AM,
Status : Approved,
University : Bradley University,Illinois.,
Major : EE
Profile : 294(GRE)-81(Toefl)-77%(No backlogs) in ECE-JNTUK-2014.

Waited for this day for many long years ..Took millions of suggestions from seniors and friends and many more.....
I was well prepared and made myself ready to face it....

Waked up early in the morning and prepared one last tym in front of mirror and went to face it.

Security checks were done and given a token number.
I was tensed but trying to make myself laugh and stubborn....

In front of me ...Interview was going to somebody ...Some answers were heard but i felt in my heart that ..I have my own and there is no need to panic.

At last ..My token num was called ....

Vo:Asked me to come frwrd with the hand gesture .......
Me : Good morning sir.(With a huge smile on my face )
Vo : Good morning . Pass me your Passport .
Me : Yeah ..Sure Sir,(passed it )
Vo:Your I20 please.
Me:Passed it.
VO : So ..U are heading to Bradley University?
Me:Yes sir.Bradley University 
Vo:Y bradley University??
Me : The course curriculum provided here was very close to my area of interest and It was providing great research work opportunities to the students .Prof Xx and Prof Xx are very good at Solid state devices and Field programmable gate arrays .Learning under such personalities will enhance my career opportunities.
Vo:What are subjects you are going to take in your masters?
Me:Advanced topics in EE,
Matlab Course .
Digital signal Processing .
Vo : What all the universities u applied and how many admits?
Me : I applied to 3 more univ and got approved from all of them. UMKC,UTT,Suny New Paltz
Vo: Who is Sponsoring U??
Me:My father.
Vo:Ok....Raised his Eyebrows and said
"""" Your VISA is Approved""""".
Me : Thank you sir.
****" It was all over .... Fear,Tension,Dreaming to fly ,***
"" It's Party Tym " 
Thnq for all your love and support ...It was all because u ppl ..U had cleared my doubts and made me strong to reach the destination....
So happy
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My Visa Interview Experience for Fall 2014. I don't know that one can get visa in 15 seconds until i attend for my visa interview.

Got visa for SEMO in 15 seconds

Status : Approved 
Term : Fall 2014
Consulate : Hyderabad Slot :8AM
Token : E120
Counter :16
VO was american in the middle age of 30-35

Me: Good Morning Mam 
VO: Good Morning Pass me your I20 & Passport
Me: Sure mam Passed my I20 & Passport
VO:Why this Univ(SEMO)?
Me: Told about University
VO:What research have you done on univ,who suggested it,how may students from India are movig to this univ?
Me:Answered first two questions but Third surprised me answered in may be hundreds mam VO looked at me seriously and questioned me you dont know this (In my mind thought Rejected)
VO: place your right hand four fingers , Then come the Golden word your VISA is approved have a good stay in US
ME: Thank you mam,You made my day
My Interview lasted for 15sec only

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Just couple days back, one of our OnlineMacha readers attended F1 Visa interview and he graciously shared his experience with us. Let’s dive right in!

Good Morning Sir! My name is Raj. I just wanted to share my pleasant F1 visa interview experience. Despite I encountered couple challenging questions, I was able to answer confidently and precisely. I have prepared a lot for this interview, after all, it’s my dream to study in the US. Fortunately, my interview went so well and I got through it! Thank you for posting extremely informative and highly encouraging posts! 

Well, here are the list of questions I encountered and how I answered. Hope it helps your readers!

VO: How are you?

Me: I am doing pretty good sir! (Smile) How are you doing today?

VO: I am good, Thank you! What is the purpose of your travel?

Me: I will be going to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science

VO: What was your major in undergrad?

Me: My major was Computer Science

VO: Do you have any work experience?

Me: I have been working for TCS for the last 2 years

VO: How was your experience working at TCS?

Me: I love my *** and it’s quite challenging. The team I work with is extremely friendly

VO: What is your role?

Me: I work as Systems Analyst

VO: Why would you like to pursue your studies in the US?

Me: What’s best about pursuing advance studies in a US university is that the qualification I earn is globally recognized. On top of that, the education system in the US has been known for its academic excellence.

VO: Can I see your experience letter?

Me: Sure sir! Here you go!

VO: Who is sponsoring your studies?

Me: I have my own funds saved up and the rest will be taking care of my parents.

VO: Can you pass those supporting documents?

Me: Definitely! Here are the bank statements

VO: What is your father?

Me: My father is a Businessman

VO: Do you have his Tax returns?

Me: Sure!

VO: Does the company you are currently working bear any of the expenses?

Me: No Sir! Myself and my parents will be taking care of all the expenses

VO: What are your plans after graduation?

Me: I will be returning back to India once after I graduate and will be working in the Software field.

VO: Does this degree help advance your career?

Me: Undoubtedly, earning an advance degree from US will definitely serve as a great asset in advancing my career and enhancing my skills

VO: You have a solid *** and your family is in India, why you chose to leave everything and pursue further?

Me: In Today’s competitive world, I feel that my decision to pursue graduate studies in the US is a smart way to advance my career. While I invest some time and money into this highly valuable education, the pay offs will be well worth my time and money.

VO: Great! I approve your visa! Enjoy your time in the US!

Me: That’s a great news! Thank you Sir! Have a great day!