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Hello Everyone!

I would like to share my VISA interview experience here. Hope it will be useful.
Consulate: Chennai
Date: May 1 2014
Appointment time: 10:30 AM

Visa Appointment Procedure

I reached there by 9:45 AM. There was a separate queue for the 10:30 batch. After checking my passport barcode (the one which they stuck in the OFC) and appointment confirmation letter, they let me to a queue near the consulate which was unbelievably long. I waited till 10:30. Exactly at 10:30 they let me in after the following security checks.

1. The first person verified my DS-160 and placed a seal on it and checked my Appointment letter
2. Then a lady checked the seal and did a security check and let me in
3. Then they did another round of security check for me and my file

Then I was made to sit in a hall. Within a minute or so, I was let inside. They checked the appointment letter and let me in. There the VFS people will guide you to the right counter. My finger print was taken first and I was made to sit. Then I was led to a counter. The VO was an American lady. She seemed very sweet to the old couple who were getting their Visitor Visa in front of me in the queue. I became pretty cool after that. And then here it goes.

Visa Interview Experience

VO: Hi. Pass your passport please
Me: Good Morning Madam and I passed the passport (Lesson learnt: If you are not used to addressing people as Sir and madam. Don’t force urself.)
VO: So, you are going to study in US
Me: Yes (with a confident smile)
VO: Which university?
Me: University of Texas at Dallas
VO: What course?
Me: Master of Science in Computer Science.
VO: Did you take your GRE?
Me: Yes. I did.
VO: Can you pass me the scores?
Me: Passed the scores
VO: Which year did you complete your under-graduation?
Me: 2012.
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I am working in Verizon Data Services India as a software Engineer
VO: okay. Who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My Parents
VO: What is their annual income?
Me: My father earns up to X Lakhs and my mother some Y lakhs through rent.
VO: What is your father doing?
Me: He is doing business
VO: What kind of Business?
Me: He does wooden packing cases for textile machinery
VO: Where are you planning to stay there?
Me: I have applied for on campus accommodation. If I don’t get on campus, I will stay off campus. I have been looking for some apartments also.
VO: (This time not typing) Do you know what courses will you be taking?
Me: Yes. I do.
VO: Can you say a few courses?
Me: I am planning to take Data Science track. In that I will be learning Big Data, Design and analysis of Algorithm, and a few more.
VO: Your Visa has been approved. Please collect your passport in two days. (She placed my passport in a tray)
Me: Thank you

Though they don’t ask for any documents, it is good to keep everything ready. These are the documents that I took. I have specified according to the category. It will be much easier if you sort it in order and take.

Necessary (MUST) documents for Visa Interview

• Appointment confirmation letter
• DS-160 Barcode page
• SEVIS fees receipt
• VISA fees payment receipt
• I-20
• College admit letter
• Financial affidavit from the sponsors (In a stamp paper. Lawyer signed)
• Letter from bank manager with all the funds available in different accounts.
• Bank passbook
• FD receipts
• A Xerox copy of the land document
• A letter from a charted Engineer stating the value of the property
• Income Tax returns (Mine and my father’s)
• GRE(Printout from the website will do)
• TOEFL scorecard
• 10th, 12th, UG marksheet
• Degree certificate
Work Experience
• Appointment letter
• Last month pay slip
• Recent merit Letter I got
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VISA Approved..!
Slot: 8Am 02/05/14
Consulate: Hyderabad
California State University Northridge.. Masters in Structural Engineering
Here is my visa experience....
Me: Good morning sir 
VO: Good morning. Pass me ur I20 nd passport (wat a face it was..! So aggressive as if i'm asking fr his property..)
VO: when did u passed out?
Me: 2014 April sir.. 
VO: How many backlogs do u have? (An expected question nd i was ready to answer d next question :P) 
Me: Not even a single backlog sir 
VO: Oh..! What does your parents do? 
Me: sir they are Government employees. (I was prepared fr very cool answrs but got tensed nd forgot everything :/)
VO: congrats.! Your visa has been approved.. (***..! No no.. u r my ***..! That was my inner feeling )
Me: Thanks alot sir..! (Full dances..! *Inside* :P) 
He didnt even asked me any kind of documents nothing.. Be confident and maintain a good eye contact, it helps a lot..

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Embassy called me back to re check Financial documents after visa approval

How do you feel if visa officer call you back after visa approval. You went out of embassy and then you got call back. What if they want to check funds for education?

Visa Interview Experience

Got my visa.Here is a completely different experience i faced with a lots of tension for 2hrs.

Mng 7:30slot on 12th may..

Vo is an young fair American women with green coloured boat colored top, black jeans, bare neck, purple colored nail polish, and a beautiful platinum ring.

Person prior to me got rejected..

Next my turn:

Vo : gm sir
Me : v gm ma'am 
How r u ma'am ?? (she didn't listened to me) ,
Vo : can u please pass me your passport
Me : sure ma'am, i passed my passport
Vo : so u r going for fairlegh dikinson universty ?
Me : yes ma'am 
Vo : why this university?
Me : bcoz,of its exclusive curriculum in EE,..,.... Xxxx
Vo : ok, what is ur highest degree of qualification?
Me : am done with my bachelors ma'am
Vo : which year ?
Me : may 2013
Vo : what is ur under graduation major ?
Me : EEE ( electrical and electronics engineering)
Vo : okay(typing)
Okay sir ur visa is approved.
Me : with a smile, thanqu ma'am

Got a call from Embassy

I thought it is all done and came out of embassy and started sharing my happiness.
Then after an hr. I got a call from embassy asking to return to embassy with all the docs
I asked, if any issue ? They didn't say anything and asked me to return at the moment
I am in jeans flip flops and casual shirt and went as i am.

They asked me to show any govt. Id to enter into the embassy (as my visa is approved by that time, they took away my passport)

I entered,,, Then they asked me to wait for a while, am fully tensed and upto 20min.s no response from their ***.
Then they asked me to go to the counter no. 13 which is a closed one.

I went in and the security told me to wait and closed the door and went away, then their i can see the poster of " for submitting any fake doc.s u ll me imprisoned, n may be permanently banned to enter into us".

My tension levels reached to peak levels.

They asked me to submit financial docs

After 10min.s other indian lady appeared on the other side and asked me to submit all my financial docs. I started giving one by one, she interrupted and asked to give whole file. Am sure that am very genuine in my work, even though tension. Then she took away my file and closed the curtain on the other side of glass window.

After 2min.s other lady came and told,me,it may take some time and asked me to wait. Around after 30min.s of complete loneliness and calmness a lady came and told me that u didn't have enough amount of savings. But i told i have. Then she took out the doc.s and told NO with a aggressive face expression (10000qtn.s ran in my mind at that moment)

I asked to return my file so that i can check and submit it again. She told me,u need not check any thing am clear u don't have enough savings. I said i have again. Then she again went inside and got my remaining doc.s and told am sorry and went in side again.

After 15.mins of again silence another young american came with my file, returned it to me saying am very sorry for calling u back sir, and asked me to attend the interview again.

I felt w t f** and again went to my counter no. 23 with the same lady again (the vo)
Then interrupted the line and went 1st.
Interview initiated for the 2nd time
Vo : please give me ur passport 
Me : ma'am its already with you
Vo : i don't have your passport (with a expression on face)
Me : but ma'am..... Am continuing., she left the da seat and got my passport.
Vo : am sorry, with a smile on her face
Me : no problem ma'am 
Vo : so, what r ur parents ?
Me : i told...
Vo : some cross questions ( 2 ) then typing...
Vo : so who is funding you ?
Me : its my family, with saving of xxx L and with annual income of xxL
Vo : okay and kept on typing....
Me : with a smile observing her on the whole
Vo : fine your visa is approved again 
Me : thanqu ma'am with a big smile (in side huufffoooo thank *** )
Vo : smile
Me : what all the issues went for all this time ma'am ?
Vo : they just checked your doc.s, that's it
Me : so can i surely leave the Chennai ma'am ? (sarcastically)
Vo : of course u can... With a laugh...

Me thanqu ma'am 
Finally !!! Hhuuf