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Need suggestion guys , is it better to show financial statement in the students accounts or parents accounts for F1 visa Interview?

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Financial Statement in F1 Visa Interview

Usually students show some liquid bank balance for visa interview to cover expenses of Graduate education at US University. Now the Question is - whose account needs to carry this bank balance? - your parents account or your own bank account?

It depends. If you are the sponsor for your Education, you have show the money in your bank account. If your parents are the sponsors, you should submit bank statement of your parent. Or else if any other relative or friend is the sponsor you need to present their bank account.

Having bank balancing in own account and parent's account

Usually those who worked previously will have some bank balance and also your parents might have balance in their bank account. If both of your parents and you are the sponsors for your education at US university, you can present bank statements of either parties. Nothing wrong in having multiple sponsors for your education.