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University asking money to issue I20. I got admission confirmed. Do i have to pay for the I-20. I never saw paying money for university admissions or to receive i20. My other admits haven't asked me to pay fee for I20.

I got this message from the University of New Heaven.

 To Receive the I20 from University of New Heaven you must pay a $300 non refundable enrollment deposit. This non-refundable deposit is applied as a credit to the tuition bill of your first term. If you choose not to attend, or transfer out of the University during first term, you forfeit your deposit. This deposit is non-refundable under any Circumstances.
Few universities ask money to recive I-20. They want to make the student to join university by issuing I20. When we pay some money for i20, usually we won't revert the decision of joining the university, right? Few low ranked universities are doing this. For example NYIT ask for money to issue I20. I think it is $500.

What to do? - To pay or not to pay for I20

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Wait for admission decision from other schools you applied. If you don't have any other admits or want to join the university pay for the I20. They don't give you I20 until they receive the I-20 fee.

Students from NYIT, Univ of New Heaven will transfer after first semester.