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Did you ever think about the difference between Master of Science in USA (MS in US) and Master of Technology? - Why students are investing money on MS in US, though it is costly? - Why MS? and why not

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Listed are some advantages of MS in US over in India.

Salaries: Average salaries of graduates from various institutes of India ranging from 2.5 to 6.0 lacks per annum. After taxes and living expenses one may save around 2 lacks in a year. Average Salary of MS graduate in USA will range from 60k – 100k. After taxes and living expenses they may save at least 40k/year which is equivalent to 18 lack Indian rupees.

How long will it take to get ***? Most of the Indian companies will give joining dates after 6 months of completion of degree. If you get a permanent *** in USA, you might get a joining date with in 2 to 3 months and if you join a consultancy for training it could take total of 5 months to get a *** after completion of degree.

Duration of study: in India usually takes 2 years for its completion. You have chances of completing MS in US in less than 2 years.

Investment/Money: Investment for the degree might be less than the money you spend for MS in US. But you can recover that money within months after completion of MS.