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Visa appointment procedure at Chennai US Consulate & Visa Experience

Hello Everyone! 
I would like to share my VISA interview experience here. Hope it will be useful.
Consulate: Chennai
Date: May 1 2014
Appointment time: 10:30 AM

Visa Appointment Procedure

I reached there by 9:45 AM. There was a separate queue for the 10:30 batch. After checking my passport barcode (the one which they stuck in the OFC) and appointment confirmation letter, they let me to a queue near the consulate which was unbelievably long. I waited till 10:30. Exactly at 10:30 they let me in after the following security checks.

1. The first person verified my DS-160 and placed a seal on it and checked my Appointment letter
2. Then a lady checked the seal and did a security check and let me in
3. Then they did another round of security check for me and my file

Then I was made to sit in a hall. Within a minute or so, I was let inside. They checked the appointment letter and let me in. There the VFS people will guide you to the right counter. My finger print was taken first and I was made to sit. Then I was led to a counter. The VO was an American lady. She seemed very sweet to the old couple who were getting their Visitor Visa in front of me in the queue. I became pretty cool after that. And then here it goes.

Visa Interview Experience

VO: Hi. Pass your passport please
Me: Good Morning Madam and I passed the passport (Lesson learnt: If you are not used to addressing people as Sir and madam. Don’t force urself.)
VO: So, you are going to study in US
Me: Yes (with a confident smile)
VO: Which university?
Me: University of Texas at Dallas
VO: What course?
Me: Master of Science in Computer Science.
VO: Did you take your GRE?
Me: Yes. I did.
VO: Can you pass me the scores?
Me: Passed the scores
VO: Which year did you complete your under-graduation?
Me: 2012.
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I am working in Verizon Data Services India as a software Engineer
VO: okay. Who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My Parents
VO: What is their annual income?
Me: My father earns up to X Lakhs and my mother some Y lakhs through rent. 
VO: What is your father doing?
Me: He is doing business 
VO: What kind of Business?
Me: He does wooden packing cases for textile machinery 
VO: Where are you planning to stay there?
Me: I have applied for on campus accommodation. If I don’t get on campus, I will stay off campus. I have been looking for some apartments also. 
VO: (This time not typing) Do you know what courses will you be taking?
Me: Yes. I do.
VO: Can you say a few courses?
Me: I am planning to take Data Science track. In that I will be learning Big Data, Design and analysis of Algorithm, and a few more. 
VO: Your Visa has been approved. Please collect your passport in two days. (She placed my passport in a tray)
Me: Thank you 

Though they don’t ask for any documents, it is good to keep everything ready. These are the documents that I took. I have specified according to the category. It will be much easier if you sort it in order and take.

Necessary (MUST) documents for Visa Interview

• Appointment confirmation letter
• DS-160 Barcode page
• SEVIS fees receipt
• VISA fees payment receipt 
• I-20 
• College admit letter
• Financial affidavit from the sponsors (In a stamp paper. Lawyer signed)
• Letter from bank manager with all the funds available in different accounts.
• Bank passbook
• FD receipts
• A Xerox copy of the land document
• A letter from a charted Engineer stating the value of the property
• Income Tax returns (Mine and my father’s)
• GRE(Printout from the website will do)
• TOEFL scorecard 
• 10th, 12th, UG marksheet
• Degree certificate
Work Experience
• Appointment letter
• Last month pay slip
• Recent merit Letter I got


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